Types of Incentives

Rebates and Custom Incentives

The Multifamily Energy Saving Program (MESP) offers cash incentives on the installation of new, energy-efficient equipment or systems.

Whether your business is a condominium complex, apartment building, dormitory or assisted living facility, we have solutions that can help you save energy and money and improve resident comfort in your buildings.


Our standard rebates provide cash payments to help customers upgrade specific equipment with established energy savings. The total rebate is based on the amount of energy saved.

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Custom Incentives

MESP provides custom incentives for savings in addition to those covered by our standard rebates. No matter what you need to upgrade, we ensure your building can achieve optimal efficiency.

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There are many cost-effective ways to finance larger projects. We can help you find a way that works best for you. Click the link below to learn more about financing options.

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Equipment Description Rebate
Smart Thermostat Must be Wi-Fi enabled $50 per thermostat
Ductless Minisplit Heat Pump Fuel substitution, minimum SEER 15  $350 per ton 
High Efficiency Furnace with Variable Speed Motor

AFUE 92%, variable speed motor

AFUE 92%, variable speed motor

$20 per furnace 

$60 per furnace 

Package Terminal Air Conditioner or Heat Pump (PTAC) Up to 2 Tons, must exceed code by 20%  $120 per ton 
Room Air Conditioner  ENERGY STAR® certified  $20 per AC unit 


Hot Water


Equipment Description Rebate
Domestic Hot Water Loop Controller   Temperature modulating boiler controller in the central DHW system   $20 per dwelling unit  
Heat Pump Water Heater  ENERGY STAR® certified, UEF of 3.09 or greater   $305 per water heater  
High Performance Circulator Pump

ECM pump for DHW recirculation with variable speed controls to accommodate demand 

$50 per pump
Low Flow Shower Head Maximum 1.7 GPM   $4 per showerhead  
Thermostatic Shower Spout w/ Low Flow Shower Head   Maximum 1.7 GPM   $14 per assembly  


Pools & Spas

Equipment Description Rebate
Efficient Commercial Pool and Spa Heater   ≥ 84% efficiency   $4 per kBtuh  
Outdoor Pool Cover   $2 per ft2  

Custom Incentives

Have a special project in mind? Our team of experts can help you identify energy-saving opportunities and incentives. Custom opportunities receive cash incentives based on the amount of energy your project saves. These projects typically require additional energy analysis or other technical assistance. All equipment purchases must be pre-qualified by MESP prior to purchase and installation. In addition, a post-installation verification may be required.

Contact us to get started with an energy plan specific to your facility to help you navigate the available savings opportunities.

Finance Options

MESP offers multiple ways to finance your project so you can save and do more at your property.

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